Practice Updates and Weekly Notes

There will be NO PRACTICE tomorrow, 1/21/2016, due to poor road conditions.

T​hese are the metros time cuts (boys times are on the left and girls on the right)

Time standards remain the same as 2015.

1 1:52.99 200 Yard Medley Relay 2:05.99 2
3 1:56.49 200 Yard Freestyle 2:08.59 4
5 2:14.99 200 Yard Individual Medley 2:26.09 6
7 23.79 50 Yard Freestyle 26.59 8
9 — Diving (1 Meter, 11 Dives) — 10
11 59.99 100 Yard Butterfly 1:07.09 12
13 53.59 100 Yard Freestyle 58.69 14
15 5:19.99 500 Yard Freestyle 5:47.99 16
17 1:42.99 200 Yard Freestyle Relay 1:54.99 18
19 1:02.19 100 Yard Backstroke 1:07.29 20
21 1:08.29 100 Yard Breaststroke 1:14.79 22
23 3:48.59 400 Yard Freestyle Relay 4:16.99 24

 As of right now our meet this weekend against Magruder at MC Takoma Park at 2:00pm will take place.  However, as I’m sure you all know, the weather forecast for the weekend predicts quite a lot of snow.  If our meet is cancelled, we will inform you asap.  Additionally, since it is an “out of division” meet, it will not be rescheduled.  Therefore, we will celebrate our seniors at the Divisional Meet the following weekend.  (Those folks who volunteered to bring balloons: I will email you individually)
Attached is all the information about our Awards Banquet.  You may send reservations via Rebecca (11th) or Abby (9th), or you may give them to Ms. Aitken at practice/meets (whenever we have them!) or you may mail them to me at 13502 Keating St. Rockville, MD 20853.
Every year the undergraduates gather to make scrapbooks for the graduating seniors.  These wonderful mementos are presented on the night of the banquet.  The kids always have a LOT of fun doing this project.  Any/all are welcome to come and help (especially freshmen…come see what it’s about!).  The workshops will be held at the Aitken House 13502 Keating St Rockville, MD 20853 from 1-5 pm on the following Sundays: Jan. 31, Feb 7, and (if needed) Feb. 14.  We have 17 scrapbooks to complete this year!! We will need lots of help.  Drinks and snacks will be provided, but it might not hurt to bring a pair of scissors!
​Looking ahead to Divisionals on Sat. Jan. 30 at KSAC.  Diving competition will be first at ​7:30am, with swimming anticipated to begin at 10:00.  All athletes on the team are expected to be at Divisionals.  Just like a championship game for any other sport, all teammates are expected to be on hand, whether or not they will “play”.  Our coach expects all athletes to attend, ready to participate and/or to support their teammates.  The anticipated line-up will be completed by Emily this weekend and will be provided to you at that time. Folks, Blair still needs Volunteers for Divisionals (Ms. Aitken must submit these names by Saturday 1/23):
Blair Must provide:
4 timers

​: ​__________, __________, __________, __________

Stroke and Turn


Dive judgesone for boys and one for girls.(should not judge their child)

​: Kathy Aitken, ___________​

Computer/ Table Worker


And Nominations for the following:


​ __________​



Diving referee

​ __________​

Head timer

​: Andre Forte

Announcer for diving

​ __________​


​ __________​
Please note that the certified officials and head timer, announcer, runner may or may not be selected to work, but I must submit the name of a volunteer.
Practice next week continues (provided MCPS is in session) and those athletes participating in Divisionals and beyond must attend.  Those who are not listed to swim/dive are still welcome to attend, but Emily has stated that it is optional for that latter group.  Because morning post-practice breakfast may not continue, please make sure your athlete brings something to eat between practice and school.

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